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01 - Not all Angels Fly (A side)

02 - Not All Angels Fly (B side)

Early in lockdown Dave Ditchburn suggested on Facebook the idea of a remote collaboration on a song to thank the people on the Frontline for their efforts. By frontline meaning not just the NHS as wonderful as they have been, but also the people who kept the food supplies coming in the early day’s with very little protection, the garbage collectors, the ambulance service, fire fighters and on it goes, who all deserve much more thanks than they ever normally receive. Dave was inundated with offers from North East Musicians to help with this project. Peter Rossiter keyboards, John Dawson bass, Steve Dolder drums, Wally McGill guitar, Tina D vocals, Dave Ditchburn vocals. Plus Barry Alton various and mix on A side, Phil Caffrey, Tony Schofield, Derek Buckam. The song was a Peter Rossiter inspiration with lyrics derived from offerings of all the people who have had input to this project. This song costs 1p to download but please if you like it donate something to your favourite charity.

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