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Album Songs

02 - Just For Kicks by The Lost Boys

03 - Rhyme and Reason by Jerbils in Red Wine

04 - Falling In (with the wrong kind of crowd) by Allie Allie

05 - Mr Dreamer by Fleet Street

06 - Fields of Torment by Constant In Opal

07 - Long Blonde Hair by Southern States Shakers

08 - Cancer of the Liverpool by Dean Swift and the Misery Kid

09 - Thoughts from the Back Seat of Your Car by Larry and the Actors

10 - Mary Lu by Lemonade Handgrenade

11 - Savaged by Skintite Savage

12 - The First Sign of Madness by Mr Fertile

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01 err there isn’t one

The opening track of the original L.P. was ‘Danny’s Hard Life by The Whiskey Priests however they subsequently went on to international acclaim and to sign contracts with proper recording companies which unfortunately now prevent their song from being included in this revisited version of the album. You can find a lot of Whiskey Priests music via this LINK

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