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Album Songs

01 - Drop the Bomb by 24 hours

02 - Reasons by Allergic to Cats

03 - Don’t Do It by Zilcho Babes

04 - Peanut Gang by Rhythm Methodists

05 - Switch Off by The Suspects

06 - Arctosis Sloath parts 1 & 2 by Remnants of Warsaw

07 - In Britain by Red Alert

08 - Venu Santus Spiritus by The Fashionable Impure

10 - Master of the Obvious by D.T.'s

11 - Walk the Dog by Negative Throb

12 - Break My Heart Again by Zulu ‘n the Heartaches

13 - Dream Song by Genocide Exit

14 - R.A.F. by The Crime

15 - Always Lose My Temper by The Cult

16 - Billy You’re Ready by High Speed Heroes

The fabled 1981 Compilation by Sunderland Music Collective

Track 10  err there isn’t one

The original L.P. included also the classic Toy Dolls tune  ‘She's a Workey Ticket' however as you will know they subsequently went on to international acclaim and contracts with proper recording companies which unfortunately now prevent their song from being included in this revisited version of the album. You can find still fill yer boots with Toy Dolls music via this link

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