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Album Songs

01 - You Haven't Got a Broken Heart

02 - Travelling Man

03 - Woman of the World

04 - You Can't Go Back

05 - I Wanna Open an Account with You

06 - It's Early Days

07 - No Way

08 - Real Life Real Love

09 - Right By My Side

10 - Teach Me How to Live

Paul Geleman:

Complete Songs and Unfinished Ideas

Sandgate split at the end of 1975, and after Paul Geleman and Marty Craggs had written some songs together in early 1976, Paul continued with his songwriting efforts. This was interrupted for a couple of years with time working as a member of Oasis whose songwriting team were Stu Burlison and Keith Nichol.
Over the following few years armed with a guitar and his old Tandberg mono reel to reel tape recorder he tried to capture his Complete Songs and Unfinished Ideas. Prompted by the 2020/21 Covid lockdown he eventually pulled some of these vintage recordings together and here they are. 

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