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Album Songs

01 - In the City

02 - Joker

03 - Just a Chance

04 - Kaleidoscope

05 - Mr Sun

06 - On That Morning

07 - Patience

08 - Rockin'

09 - Standing on a Corner

10 - Tell the Truth

11 - The First Time

12 - This is the Way

13 - Travel On

14 - We Can Work it Out

15 - When She's Gone

The tracks are set out in alphabetical order so volume 2 is actually I-W. This arbitrary arrangement therefore makes no distinction between masters that Hugh Murphy produced, or early demos, or which songs are are by Bullfrog 1 or Bullfrog 2. 

On Vol 2 one track is different, 'Travel On' is a live recording and here is its story:. On October 10th 1974 Steve Thompson got a call to say there was a gig going that very night supporting Wishbone Ash. When the call came Steve had been dying his platform boots (well it was the 70’s). He fancied green but because of that call had to turn out that night with one green boot and the other still the original cream colour. The show was at Newcastle's Odeon Cinema, when it was a regualr venue for bigger groups. 30 years later Steve received an e-mail from a guy named Shaun who said he was at that gig and had sneaked in a cassette recorder with which to record it. Shaun had just one song from Bullfrog on his cherished tape recording and this is what you hear on the second CD of the Aces To Zebras set. Enjoy!

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