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Album Songs

01 - Pink Pills (live) - Brass Alley on Radio One Club

02 - I Know You Well - Trilogy - Hart Rock 71

03 - The Hobo Song - Yellow - Hart Rock 71

05 - Hart Rock 71 pre show interview with Brass Alley and fans

06 - Morning Dew - Brass Alley on Radio One Club

07 - Blues Jam with DJ - Brass Alley on Radio One Club

08 - the interview - Brass Alley on Radio One Club


First there was Monterey, then Woodstock, then the Isle of Wight, all iconic Rock Festivals. Then in the small town of Hartlepool there was Hart Rock ’71.

Organised as a fundraiser for the local football club (it actually lost money) it was beset by negative pre publicity from local press and rumours of hordes of Hell Angels and Skinheads converging on the town to err do whatever such tribal groups do.

The concert itself (nine hours for 50p) went off without a hitch and to coincide with it a special limited edition (500 copies only) Extended Play vinyl record was released containing the hottest acts of the North East at the time. After extensive research and arm-twisting we are delighted to present two of the original songs from the e.p. (re mastered by original producer Ken McKenzien) plus some tremendous bonus tracks for your pleasure. Yellow included ace guitarist Vic Malcolm who would go on to form Geordie (here's link to their 5 CD boxed set), whilst Trilogy would soon change their name to Prelude and have a monster hit with a their acapella version of Neil Young’s ‘After the Goldrush’ (here link to their boxed set). 

At first we thought it would be a straight forward exercise to contact relevant participants and get permisison, but unfortunatley two of the songs from the e.p. have already been made available on compilation CD's. So we have gone on to Plan B to include a splendid live version of Brass Alley doing 'Pink Pills' (and some other live stuff).

The original version of 'Pink Pills' by Brass Alley can be found on the Warfaring Strangers; Acid Nightmares compilation. The original version of 'Daylight Child' by Lucas Tyson can be found on the We Can Fly Volume 4 - Psych Rarities from the 60's & 70's - Remastered compilation. Also an early song by Yellow can be found on The Rubble Collection Volunme 8 -  All the Colours of Darkness compilation.

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 Eve Gaz 22 May 1971HR 3


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