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Album Songs

01 - Easy Lovin'

02 - Two of a Kind

03 - We'll Have Another Dance

04 - You Ain't Fooling Me

05 - Runaround Girl

Paul Geleman and Marty Craggs:

Marty and Me

After Sandgate split towards the end of 1975, Paul Geleman and Marty Craggs started getting together to write some songs. Fuelled by a letter Paul had received from Sandgate Manager Terry King, based in Wardour Street London, on 6th January 1976. He asked him to ring the office as he had something which might be of interest to him.
It turned out someone from Cube Records had heard the Sandgate 45, and had a song they wanted to put out as a single, and thought would suit his voice.
Terry said that he could probably get them to put one of Paul's own songs on the B side, which would obviously bring in extra royalties for him, but he thought he should try to end his contract with Barbara Hayes (Hazy Music, partnered by David Wood and Alan Hull), and should sign with Terry's company, Aristocrat Music.
Geleman did get out of his Contract with Barbara, but never signed with Terry, because after a long delay, not hearing from the record company, Paul finally heard in May, that they were not going ahead as planned. Very disappointing, but in the meantime he and Marty had penned these songs, and recorded them at Paul's home at the time, Cartington Terrace in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, on an old Tandberg Mono reel to reel tape recorder.

Marty and Paul 1




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