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Album Songs

01 - Indian Giver

02 - Skinch

03 - Hermans Boys

04 - Maybe Theres Somebody

05 - Wait Til Tomorrow

06 - The Sorcerer

07 - Traveling Blind

08 - Maybe Theres Somebody (Live)

09 - No Way Out

10 - Isnt It Strange

The first 4 songs on this CD are the last studio recordings The Mynd made in 1978.  The tracks are taken from a cassette so they are not great quality and there is a bit of tape "slippage" on a couple of songs. All of the songs are written by Billy except on Herman's Boys where John Cockburn wrote the lyrics (and sang lead vocal) and Billy wrote the music, The line-up on these songs is Bobby Surgeoner - guitar and vocals, Billy Surgeoner - keyboards and lead vocals, John Cockburn - bass guitar and vocals, Martin Atkins - drums.

Most of the bonus tracks here are live recordings from various gigs in the mid-seventies.  The Sorcerer is a re-vamped "mellotron" version of one of the earliest Mynd songs. The last song, track 10 "Isn't It Strange" is a recording Billy made (for fun) in the late 90s.  Ths song is the very first song he wrote for the band in about 1971. This is a free bonus track.

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