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 11 Bands : 10 Channels : 8 Tracks :  3 Days

All Together album front

(For the personal recollections of Dick Godfrey, Phil Sutcliffe, Ian Penman and Mickey Sweeney, and to hear the album - go to the Listen page)

Bedrock was a rock and local music programme that ran on BBC Radio Newcastle from 1974-1984.  Created and originally produced by Dick Godfrey I took over as producer around 1980 when Dick left to go off and do other things.

Unlike the programming heard on Metro Radio and the other North East independent stations, Bedrock was a big supporter of local rock music. We had a signature tune written and played by Newcastle’s Steve Brown Band and it was only a matter of time before the Bedrock team (a loose bunch of volunteers who got involved in the programme from early on) began organising gigs. Encouraged by Newcastle Festival director Andy Hudson Dick came up with the idea that we should stage our own ‘Bedrock Festival’ to spotlight local bands. And, as well as that, we should get Wallsend’s Impulse Studios (soon to become the home of Neat Records, the UK’s premier heavy metal indie label) to record and issue an album where each of the bands playing contributed a track.

All Together was recorded over three days by eleven bands and sold at the shows we staged at Newcastle’s University Theatre in the bar and within the venue in July 1977. The album has been unavailable for 40 years and with no masters at his disposal original engineer Mickey Sweeney has artfully nipped and tucked a vinyl copy.  There’s nobody famous on the album but the tracks still stand up as choice slices of musical history. Give it a listen! - Ian Penman/Ravendale


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