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Jimmy McKenna has been making up tunes and turning them into songs since before he could actually play an instrument (some say he still can't play one). His first recollection is of singing his own tunes to two poems found in an old school history book belonging to his Mam. His first public appearance was miming to 'She Loves You' by the Beatles for which he won a lollipop. Surely fame and fortune were beckoning..........

Jimmy's solo songs are those recorded without the overall collaboration of others whilst the musicians that are featured were procured and coerced to satisfy the requirements of the song, notably where guitar parts required a little precision in their execution. 

Two compilation of such songs 'EveryBody Needs a Little Hobby' and 'Super Songs Simply Sung' are now available with more to come once master tapes have been located and reconstructed.

Jimmy's non solo music can be found on the DisGuise and TVA pages.

 A sort of interview with Jimmy in which he describes some of the music which shaped him can be found on the Vinyl Guru website.

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