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HOT NEWS - the new album 'A Splendid Selection' is now available.

Jimmy McKenna, Gavin Bell, and Jason Bell have been convening to prepare, perform and record together since 1995 when Jimmy first persuaded Gavin and Jason that making TVA music would bring much aural satisfaction (if not material wealth).

Jimmy has always enjoyed making up bits of tunes, creating songs and allowing them to follow their own course, shifting from as many styles or approach to a particular piece as technical proficiency allowed, so having Gavin’s attention seeking bass playing allied to Jason’s most melodic approach to drumming made it all so much easier.

TVA have no immediate plans for live performances due to ongoing domestic responsibilities, however some day…....

Artistic License’ is available as CD and/or mp3 download, whilst its follow-up ‘Tortured Art’ and the brand new album 'A Splendid Selection' are mp3 download only. All are augmented where required by the musicality of: Bryn Collison saxophone; Mark Hand keyboards/soundscaping; and Neil Iceton specific guitar.

Further TVA album selections are in ‘various stages of undress' and will be available shortly, meanwhile TVA performance videos of as yet unreleased songs can be viewed now.

Some of Jimmy's pre TVA music can be found on the DisGuise page and some of his solo music can be found on the Jimmy McKenna page.

Some of Gavins pre TVA music can be found on The Ranch page

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