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Album Songs

01 - Flowergirl - The Candy Ranch

02 - Gypsy Boy - Charmed Life

03 - Sweet Release - Procession

Always ambitious, the organisers of DSS decided that their 2nd Tour of North East Schools and 6th Forms in 1990 should include the production of a vinyl e.p. So Procession, Charmed Life and The Candy Ranch were duly recorded and master tapes sent away to be converted into vinyl with a nice picture sleeve. This rather splendid marketing ploy was undermined a little when the company (whose name. lucky for them, has been forgotten in the mists of antiquity) who were responsible for manufacturing the e.p’s  did not deliver them until the evening of the final gig…..ooops. These recordings have been transferred with love directly from virgin vinyl and given a gentle tidying up to optimise their sonic capabilities for your aural pleasure by Tony Waite. 'Flowergirl' recorded and produced by Terry Ashley, 'Gypsy Boy' recorded by Tony Waite/Andy Power and produced by Charmed Life, 'Sweet Release' recorded by Mick Yare and produced by Procession.

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