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Album Songs

01 - Gods Gift to Rock n Roll

02 - Alibi

03 - Memories and Things

04 - BusConductress

05 - Babe Ive Got the Time

06 - Why Do You Love Me

07 - Faith

08 - Favourite Lover

09 - Everhard the Wanderer

10 - Caught You Dancing

11 - Ring a Ding Dong

12 - Aristotle

13 - Gothic Comic

14 - Babe Ive Got the Time 2nd version

15 - Caught You Dancing - 4 track version

16 - Babe Ive Got the Time original 4 track version

The rationale for selection is that the songs are mostly performed with real drummers in attendance: Nicky Buck, Peter Gowland, Chris Smith, Alan Scully, Jason Bell; with Andy Power/Tony Waite/Mark Hand performing a little drum machine jiggerypokery. In addition Mike Dixon, Thomas Fisk and Andy Power were hoodwinked into performing proper guitar where required whilst at the appropriate junctures Peter McKenna and Brendan Eyre added keys, Tony Waite added bass, Andy Craggs went sax mad, Geoff Grange sucked and blew his harmonica and Sister Sprintall ascended into a heavenly chorale. Cover photo by Terry Craven

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