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Album Songs

01 - Play Some Rock 'n Roll

02 - The Midas Touch

03 - The Bloody Blues

04 - I Feel So Good

05 - The Games We Play

06 - Paddington's Hard Stare

07 - Another Fine Mess

08 - I Don't Care

09 - 8.45

10 - I Deserve Much Better Than This

11 - Sorry Stupid

12 - Bad Boy

Get Back to Your Own End! - in which Jimmy McKenna, Gavin Bell and Dave Knox rattle off a bunch of bluesy rock type tunes which take their inspiration from those that went before: Otis Rush, Cream, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Chuck Berry, Free, The Shadows, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, and Louis Jordan.

Polite Warning: the aforesaid recordings contain a bucketful of braggadocio, a mighty portion of misogyny, an armageddon of righteous anger, with a side helping of wallowing self-pity to add authenticity. Jimmy assures us that what passes for normal service will soon be resumed when a further collection of the peculiar songs he creates with his TVA ensemble will be released.

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