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Album Songs

01 - It's a Dream

03 - City Streets

03 - Let the Sun Shine on Me and You

04 - Tell Me No More Secrets

05 - Be My Friend

06 - Just a Fool (reprise)

07 - Sympathy is Not Enough

08 - Wayfarer

10 - On and On

11 - Where Shadows Fall

12 - A One Way Street to Nowhere

Following the break-up of legendary Newcastle rock band Brass Alley, singer Dave Ditchburn and guitarist Barry Alton had a period of frenetic song writing and recording. In this time they moved away from the in your face, bluesy hard rock that they had previously been doing and came up with a bunch of songs from the heart. Many of the songs of ‘Tell Me No More Secrets’ were recorded at the famous Rockfield Studios in Wales.

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