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Album Songs

01 - The Sorceror

02 - I Am a River

03 - The Last Laugh

04 - In Motion

These are re-recordings of songs that Billy Surgeoner originally wrote for The Mynd between 19741 and 1976, and these versions were recorded between March 2020 and August 2021. ‘The Sorcerer’ was the the first song Billy wrote for the band when he was about 16 or 17 years old, it does have some new lyrics though. All songs written are by Billy Surgeoner, except 'The Last Laugh', whihc is co-written with Kev Stevens. All instruments, production and mixing, Billy Surgeoner, except on tracks one and two, lead guitar solos Bob Surgeoner.  Lead vocals, Billy, backing vocals, Rokiah Yaman.

In June 2021 Billy received an email from a rap artist from the US asking if he could use a sample from one the song ‘In Motion’, on his new album.  His rap name is is Kno and his band is The CunninLynguists.  He also said he wanted to name his album “Bring Me Back When The World Is cured” which is the first line from the song In Motion.  Billy has agreed to let them use the sample and the lyrics after settling on some renumeration of course.  (*_^)

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