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Album Songs

01 - At This Point in Time

02 - I Am A River

03 - In Motion

04 - Communicate

05 - Disorientation Test

06 - The Spider

07 - Every Mushroom Cloud

08 - Under The Sun

Most of the songs on this collection were recorded by the 3rd line-up of the band.  Which was:  Bobby Surgeoner - lead guitar & vocals, Billy Surgeoner - Keyboards & lead vocals, John Cockburn - bass guitar & vocals - Gordon Larkman - drums. Two of the songs, I Am A River and At This Point In Time were recorded at the home studio of Abbey Road sound engineer Peter Bown.  He was the engineer on Pink Floyd's Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and The Beatles Let It Be to name just two.   This almost led to The Mynd signing to a subsidiery of EMI but alas, 'twas not to be. Most of the other songs here were recorded at a rehearsal room in Newton Aycliffe (at the youth centre to be precise).  The songs The Spider and Every Mushroom Cloud were from a much earlier line-up, around 1972 or '73, a 3 piece band with Billy on bass and vocals. These were pre mellotron songs. All of the songs here were written by Billy except for Communicate which was written by Bobby.

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